Payroll Services

Payroll service is another area where the benefits of outsourcing outweigh the need for establishing your own internal payroll department. Hiring BS&O Payroll Services saves you the headaches of maintaining and hiring people just to process payroll. Recurring problems, such as miscalculations, holiday pay treatments, meeting payroll and government deadlines are thus eliminated.

Outsourcing your payroll services allows you to focus on your core competence thereby increasing your growth as a company. Our BS&O Payroll team is dedicated to providing you with accurate and cost efficient payroll processes rolled out through our payroll services.

Our Payroll Services include:

  • Timekeeping.
  • Processing of regular payroll and preparation of related reports, schedules and journal entries.
  • Preparation of tax returns.
  • Annualization of employees’ withholding taxes
  • Payroll disbursements.